F.A.Q (frequently asked questions)


Where is my order?

Your order is most likely being made as fast as possible, however we would rather it be done right than looking like a Canadian Flag,aa!?

Why is my flag a little different than pictured?

Every flag is handmade. We at Dog Tag Furniture Inc, have a motto, no flag is the same. Whether it Troy, his wonderful wife Ranemma, Jarrod,Crystal and/or some poor soul who wandedred into our shop, we let the wood tell us how it's going to turn out.

I'm not satisfied with my purchase,now what?

First and foremost, I AM SORRY! I want it to hang on your wall for eternity, it is your flag and not ours! Simply email us at office@dogtagfuniture.com and tell us what is wrong(pics plz) and how I should punish the builder. I recommend  being submitted to Troy singing show tunes. Either way, we are sorry you don't like your flag. We want to make it right, so please email us asap!

What is considered in paying for funerals

Our board requires a DD214 indicating a Honorable discharge, last 30 days of bank statements, a copy of the death certificate and an interview with the President of the board. The president than recommends the case to the board after investigating the claim. 

How are my donations and purchases allocated??

 Unfortunately, we live in a world where nothing is free. We first, must pay our bills.  We have a shop and our HQ is located in my house. Previously of 09/16/2018, the board elected to pay all our  bills directly instead of taking a traditional salary. However, that practice may raise eyebrows. We now take a traditional salary which is $39,999 or unless Dog Tag Furniture pays for too many funerals/bills. At which case, Troy and/or Ranemma will receive an IOU. After the bills are paid, we use the net proceeds for community outreach,  fundraising and of course funerals in accordance with our bylaws.  Our financial data is available to view at any and all board meetings and where applicable law permits.


Our bylaws for public viewing