About Us


Dog Tag Furniture is committed to making sure every fallen hero deserves respect. Whether it is a hero’s death in combat, in peace time and/or veteran suicide, the aftermath the children and families must endure lasts a lifetime. Our goal is to honor the sacrifices made, help restore a sense of normalcy to the families left behind, and ease a financial burden while providing am emotional and spiritual assistance.   


Dog tag furniture was created as a second income for my family to one day travel to Disney World. However, as the saying goes, “Tell God your plans and listen to him laugh.” And that is what happened!   5 years my best friend, battle buddy, father, and husband succumb to his battle field wounds and committed suicide. The consensus of veterans and their family, is that the Veterans administration pays for funerals through burial benefits. However, this is NOT true.  A veteran who dies receives $300 from the Veterans Administration and a soldier who dies in combat only gets $2,100 in burial benefits. This was very disappointing to Karin and myself.   Because of the financial burden , she would not claim the her husband, father to her child, my battle buddy and friend to so many would not get a military funeral. A funeral he earned and deserved. We decided he would get a funeral and we would pay for it.  I started making and selling wooden flags as displayed above. The proceeds went to pay for funerals of the fallen hero’s of our country. We paid for 6 funerals of people I call brother. We continue to assist families and NEED YOUR HELP. WITHOUT YOU WE CANNOT CONTINUE!  

Together we CAN change a nation!

We CAN and WILLmake a "grateful nation" grateful for the veteran's who succumb to their battlefield injuries.